Helping ELLs Move Along a Career Path


I wanted to share these slides and handouts that were given to the webinar participants on March 31st. The name of this webinar was “Paving the Way to Career Pathways: Creating the Skill On-Ramps Our ESOL Learners Need.”

The slides cover lots of pertinent and helpful information that I believe will help your ELL teachers (ALL levels) as they work to include Career Awareness and Career Readiness into their curriculum and instruction. These slides cover everything from defining what contextualization means and how it correlates to English Language development to how instructors can make use of the Career Clusters in their teaching. There are a lot of slides but it is well worth looking at them! I’ve also included a great LINCS handout that was given to us at the time.

Some suggested possible ways that you can use these slides and handouts with your teachers:

Present these at a staff meeting
Coordinators can use these slides to present the information to their teachers

If you have any question or would like help from State Leadership, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Career Pathways slides for ESLWebinar_Handout_ELL_Context_Instruction


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